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“You're everywhere except right here and it hurts.”
Rupi Kaur

Finding Your Way Through the Fog

Dealing With The Pain of Losing a
Cherished Pet

It's The Hardest Thing Imaginable

If you've lost - or are about to lose - your cherished companion, you're in a really painful place. You're probably experiencing a real rollercoaster of emotions. Confusion, fear, shock, anger, guilt, or even relief - all these emotions, and more, are normal reactions to what you're going through. You're not going crazy. You just need support to get through it.

Your Experience

Isolation in grief is surprisingly common. The truth is, for many people, losing a pet is worse than losing a parent. But not everyone understands or appreciates that, or how deep the devastation really is, of losing a cherished companion or 'family member' (especially if you live alone). Even those closest to you might struggle to understand why you're so bereft. If they don't know how to respond, their inability to offer empathy or understanding can leave you feeling incredibly lonely and misunderstood.

Coming to Terms With Your Loss

It can be so hard to know who to talk to, or how to start processing your grief when it's so deep that it's put you in a dark place, or it's started causing problems in your everyday life. Being able to talk to someone about how you're feeling is so important, especially if your experience is linked to other factors, such as other bereavements, or work or family problems.

How Grief Therapy Can Help

Talking about your loss is a critical part of aceptance and moving forward. Many people feel like their 'wheels are spinning' after losing their close companion, but many don't feel they have anyone to talk to who really understand. Others don't want to 'burden' loved ones with their pain. Being guided through the process of coming to terms with loss, by an empathic, non-judgemental, experienced professional who understands, is a positive step towards healing from such a devastating event. ​

I Can Help



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