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How I Can Help...

Personalised Support

The loss of a much-adored pet is huge. For many people it can feel unbearable. Every experience of loss is deeply personal, and every man, woman or child who loses a pet has other things going on in their life that make their emotional situation unique. There is no "blueprint" or "timetable" for grief. Each bereaved person must deal with the loss of their cherished companion in their own way, and in their own time, and each must  be supported in the context that best fits them

Anticipatory Loss

Many people struggle with the decision to rehome or euthansase their cherished companion, even when they know it is the right thing to do. It's a massive, heavy decision that often throws up a lot of unexpected feelings, which can be hard to understand and deal with. If you're in this situation, I can support you through the process, and help you to prepare for such a difficult decision, and help you come to terms with it, both before and after it happens.



A loved pet can be lost in a variety of circumstances, and the loss can especially hard to bear if it has been sudden, violent or premature. Just as tragically, a pet's decline can be more gradual, and heartbreakingly difficult to witness. In every case, and no matter what the reason, when the loss of your loved one occurs it is a devastating experience that requires understanding and support. Coming to terms with any loss is a process of dealing with a range of emotions, some of which can be very unexpected - and when that loss involves a cherished animal companion, people often feel very alone, especially when the people they would otherwise rely on to help them come to terms with it don't understand the depth of their despair. Sometimes the combination of circumstances can make the loss of a loved pet very hard to work through.  



I offer sessions that encourage you to talk about your loss and examine, understand, and process your feelings about it. 


*  Sessions are conducted by phone or Zoom, in the comfort of your chosen space.


*  Each session runs for a full hour.

*  Many people find that one session is enough, to help them move forward, others find that it takes a little longer to acknowledge and work through their grief. 


*  Sessions are client-driven. We talk about what YOU want to talk about, and work through what YOU   

   need or want to understand, in YOUR timeframe, with YOU in control.


Book a Pet Bereavement Counselling Session 

Talking with an experienced professional who has been where you are, and who understands exactly what you're going through is an important part of your recovery from the terrible, heart-wrenching loss of your beloved pet.

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